What Is the Purpose of a Rear Spoiler?


Purpose of a rear spoiler on a car is to direct air over the rear window, which helps to get rid of dirt and morning moisture. It also helps to increase a car's aerodynamics and reduces air noise during acceleration. Furthermore, it enhances a sportiness appearance.
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Purpose A rear spoiler is designed to reduce air movement across the body of a vehicle in motion. This lets the vehicle pick up more speed. A spoiler also serves a beautification
Most spoilers on the back of cars are purely for aesthetics purposes. The most egregious example of this are all the FWD cars that have them. A functional spoiler on the rear of
transfer torque power from drive shaft to the rear axels.
If you go too fast w/out a rear spoiler the rear of your car will have a tendency to raise up. The spoiler increases the down force on the back of your car to keep it stabilized,
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What Is the Purpose of a Rear Spoiler?
A rear spoiler is an aerodynamic accessory for cars and trucks. It usually can be spotted on the trunk of vehicles, particularly sports-oriented ones. Rear spoilers serve both aesthetic and performance purposes.... More »
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