What Is the Purpose of a Rear Spoiler?


Purpose of a rear spoiler on a car is to direct air over the rear window, which helps to get rid of dirt and morning moisture. It also helps to increase a car's aerodynamics and reduces air noise during acceleration. Furthermore, it enhances a sportiness appearance.
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A car's shape affects how much drag it generates. Drag is the resistance created by the air a vehicle passes through. Since air is a very light, low density material, it does not
Most spoilers on the back of cars are purely for aesthetics purposes. The most egregious example of this are all the FWD cars that have them. A functional spoiler on the rear of
One purpose of dual rear tires is to distribute very heavy loads over a larger area. Though tires can often handle the load, they will often sink in on soft ground. Another major
If you go too fast w/out a rear spoiler the rear of your car will have a tendency to raise up. The spoiler increases the down force on the back of your car to keep it stabilized,
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What Is the Purpose of a Rear Spoiler?
A rear spoiler is an aerodynamic accessory for cars and trucks. It usually can be spotted on the trunk of vehicles, particularly sports-oriented ones. Rear spoilers serve both aesthetic and performance purposes.... More »
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