What Is the Purpose of a Yawn?


The purpose of a yawn is to regulate the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the blood and also to cool off the brain by regulating the heat in the brain. It has been discovered that people tend to yawn at a different rate based on the current temperature and climate.
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it means either you are bored or they are tired.
One theory is that it is a protective reflex. When we yawn, we redistribute
The reason we yawn is not completely understood. When we yawn, we redistribute a chemical that helps lubricate our lungs.
THE TRUTH IS that we don’t completely understand why people, or animals for that matter, yawn. It’s widely assumed that yawning occurs because we are tired or bored or
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Snakes do not yawn but have a yawn like action. They do this to realign their jaws after a meal and also for respiratory purposes, as their trachea can be witnessed ...
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