What Is the Purpose of Beauty Pageants?


Beauty pageants are a good way of exploring women's abilities. A Beauty pageant event can show the women's existence and as a good way for women to reach self-actualization.
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Just my bit on the subject, but I believe the adults who run these "pageants" should be prosecuted for child abuse! Just my opinion .
I competed in Miss NY Chinese in 2010, and went on to compete in Miss Chinese International in Hong Kong after being crowned the winner of Miss NY Chinese. . How I Became Involved.
Beauty pageants are contests where women, men, and children can compete for awards, based on different criteria. Often pageants are offered for specialized groups of individuals:
Miss Sparkle Success Pageant, Michigan Galaxy Pageants, and Miss Teen Lake
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The main purpose of a beauty pageant is to rank its contestants according to their physical attributes. However, these contests also base their judgement on the contestant's personality, talent and answers given. Beauty pageants are a good way of exploring women's abilities by allowing them to fully exploit their potential.
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