What is the purpose of dance?


According to scientists, dance emerged as a form of communication in early humans. Over time, it evolved into a form of artistic expression. In many parts of the world, dance is also an important part of ritual.

Scientific evidence suggests that there is a genetic correlation between social maturity and rhythm. People who are good communicators and adapt easily to social situations are typically better dancers than those who are not. Scientists surmise that the innate ability to dance and its link to communication can be traced back to times before complex language systems were developed. People may have used body language and movement to form relationships and communicate with each other.

Other research suggests that people dance because they find it stimulating. Neurologists believe this indicates a connection of the senses to motor skills. That connection might ultimately prove to be the connection between dance as a form of communication and dance as a form of expression. Regardless, humans are born to dance and can move to a beat at around five months old. The difference between merely being able to move to a beat and becoming a world class dancer seems to be determined by body build. The bodies of professional dancers are more symmetrical.

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