What Is the Purpose of Flower Petals?


The main purpose of petals in a flower is to aid pollination and provide protection to the delicate inner parts of the flower. Due to their attractive colour, they attract insects that facilitate movement of pollen grains to the stigma. They are also called the inflorescence of a flower.
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it serves as a protection of the reproductive organ of the flower. They attract pollinating insects to the flower.
Flower petals attact bees to polinate them. One of the main functions of flower petals is attraction. The pretty colors and pleasant fragrance of flower petals draw the attention
There are many varieties of flowers that have red petals; tulips, roses,
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Believe it or not, but the purpose of a flower?s pretty petals is to help the flower reproduce and make more flowers! They rely on critters like insects and butterflies to transfer their pollen from one to another, which is what makes it possible for the flowers to reproduce. The colour of a flower?s petals often helps it to appeal to the bugs or small birds that are most helpful to it, while the shape of the petals often serves the animal or insect?s shape and size.
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