What does the ozone layer do?


The ozone layer helps protect Earth from the sun's harmful UV rays. Although it doesn't completely block these rays, the ozone layer does make Earth much more habitable than it would be without this protection.

As part of the Earth's atmosphere, the ozone layer is part of the barrier between the planet's surface and open space. The ozone layer, which is part of the stratosphere, is a particularly vital part of the atmosphere because of the essential protection it provides from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that radiate off the sun.

The ozone layer is important for life that exists now, but it has played a vital role throughout the development of life on Earth. According to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, an academic consortium dedicated to studying Earth sciences, the ozone layer is so vital to life on Earth that life as we know it would not have evolved without it.

The ozone layer is only a single part of the Earth's atmosphere, and according to National Geographic, it's a very small part; there are only three ozone molecules for every 10 million molecules in the atmosphere. This means that the part of the atmosphere that provides the most protection from radiation is also quite scarce.

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Oxygen. Sunlight with lots of UV-C radiation to break apart oxygen and nitrogen. And a lack of those things that break ozone down, or keep it from being made.
Ozone is a tri oxygen molecule. It is formed in a natural process by the action of UV light on oxygen molecule.
Ozone itself is a triatomic molecule, composed of three oxygen atoms that bonded, unlike the oxygen we breathe, which are diatomic molecules, meaning two oxygen atoms. The ozone layer
Brief answer: The ozone layer is a thin layer of ozone that protects the earth from dangerous ultraviolet light. When the layer is thin or damaged this ultraviolet radiation can cause
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