What Is the Purpose of a Sauna?


The purpose of Sauna's is to increase your body temperature and make you sweat. This in turn causes your blood vessels to expand, thus reducing the pain associated with arthritis. Regular sauna use is also linked to improved immune system function, as well as increased testosterone levels in men. It also gives feelings of deep relaxation, help relieve stress through the increased production of the feel good hormone, endorphin.
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Detox and skin purfication.
The basic purpose of a sauna is to cleanse the body through perspiration, by
Sauna is a ritual where people sit in a heated room where humidity is maintained by the pouring of water over heated stones. Each person decides for himself how long to remain inside
Today there are 2 types of saunas. The traditional sauna that has been around for hundreds of years using a "moist heat" where you basically pour water over hot rocks and
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The main purpose of a sauna is to eliminate wastes from the body. Steam is normally used from a drier source in a closed room and the heat is used to perform a special kind of hydrotherapy. Sometimes scented oils or fumes may be added to the steam to make it more aromatic and to give a relaxing sensation.
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