What Is the Purpose of the Skeletal System?


The skeletal system serves the purpose of support and protection for the body. It is what allows for the body to stand upright and to move freely. It is all over the body and receives its food and oxygen from different arteries, and its wastes leave through different veins.
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It supports the body and protects it. It is also what all the muscles are attached to - without that you couldn't use them.
To show how our body parts are build up even though it's creepy lol
The skeletal system can be considered the framework of the body. The skeleton serves as a means of support for the soft tissues, and it also provides the areas where muscles attach.
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The skeletal system protects the body's organs, supports the body, provides attachment points for muscles to enable body movement, functions as a storage site for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and produces blood cells.
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