What Is the Real Price of the LG Prime Cellphone in the Best Buy Store?


The price of the LG Prime Cellphone at a Best Buy Store cost $99.99. It is an AT&T phone. Comes with a charger and Sims card. It also has a built in camera, blue tooth, FM Radio, Text messaging, web browsing, and 3' color screen.
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The real price of the LG Prime cellphone in the Best Buy store is $99.99. It may go on sale during the holiday season. You can order the phone online or purchase at the store.
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For month to month the price is $409.99 at the Verizon Wireless store
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The LG Prime Cell Phone is listed as $99.99 at Best Buy. The phone does not seem to be on sale so I am assuming that this is the true price. It is a no contract ...
According to the Best Buy website, when you buy an LG Prime cell phone from Best Buy, you get the phone, the battery, a charger, the SIM card, and a owner's manual ...
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