What Is the Recipe to Start the Development of a Hurricane?


The right ingredients for a hurricane development to occur are warm ocean water, at least up to 80 degrees F, humid air, an atmosphere of slight wind trim, adequate distance from the equator, and an area of troubled weather. These events can give you the largest Hurricane ever, so be wary of them.
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The ingredients for hurricane development are warm ocean water (at least 80 degrees F) moist air, an environment of little wind shear, sufficient distance from the equator, and an
Usually, along the Trade winds belt that is between the equatorial low pressure belt and the sub-tropical high pressure belt. If the sea temperature rises above 27 C and the the polar
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Hurricane Katrina started on August 25, 2005 and continued until August 29, 2005. The hurricane which started as a tropical storm but developed into a hurricane ...
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