Relationship between Arousal and Behavior?


The relationship between arousal and behaviour is that arousal causes one to execute a particular action. Arousal moderates the energy behind an individual behaviour and mobilises this energy to cause one to act in a certain way. Arousal is categorised into two that is physiological arousal and psychological arousal.
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As soon as you become aroused you lose a bit of self control and are more likely to do stupid things, and it takes allot more self restraint, trust me i know i have done stupid things
The Behavioural Arousal Cycle. The arousal cycle of most behaviour has five phases: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery. depression. Understanding the cycle helps us to understand
1. Contact family and friends to let them know that you are wishing to end your relationship. If you are living with your partner, you may need to ask someone else if you can stay
As arousal is increased then performance improves but only
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