Blood and Lymph?


As blood flows through capillaries, nutrients and oxygen diffuse out the tiny blood vessels and the surrounding body cells. Waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide diffuse back into the bloodstream, but most of them are transported back into the lymphatic system. The difference between the blood flowing in the circulation system and the lymph in the lymph system is that the lymph system is passive while the blood pressurised by the heart is active.
Q&A Related to "Blood and Lymph?"
Lympph nodes collect the excess blood in the body, filter it, and fight pathogens. Blood is the red stuff that runs through your veins and help keep your body going.
Lymph originates from the interstitial fluid which originate from the blood plasma but has been filtered from the capillary walls. Hence, lymph has almost the same composition as
High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when the blood passes through the arteries with too much force. The blood vessels become tight and constricted forcing the heart to work
Lymph: A transparent,slightly yellow fluid that carries lymphocytes, bathes the
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