What Is the Rhyme Hay Is for Horses?


The nursery rhyme that begins, "Hay is for horses..." has several variations. One such variation is "Hay is for horses, straw is for cows, milk is for little pigs, and wash for old sows."
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Many types of grass are used for horse hay. Timothy hay is a popular hay choice for horses and can be grown in many states across the United States, although it is not drought-tolerant
Rhyming Words with horse? Norse, Gorse, course, force, source, of course, remorse, enforce.
They hay you feed will be very dependant on where you live and what is available. It is advised that you use a local hay producer for several reasons. It will be the freshest, will
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The rhyme that speaks of hay being horse goes as follows: 'Hay is for horse but cows eat it too, if you don't be quiet I'll feed some to you.' Sort of silly isn't it?
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