What is the Ring of Fire?


The Ring of Fire is an arc of seismic activity, volcanoes and earthquakes that circles a large portion of the Pacific Ocean. The Ring of Fire includes 452 volcanoes, according to National Geographic. This string of volcanoes stretches from New Zealand north along the coast of Asia, then down the North and South American Pacific coastlines.

This 40,000-kilometer stretch of seismic activity is the result of plate tectonics. The Pacific Plate meets other large plates along the edges of these continents, providing an unstable fault line that allows magma to rise to create volcanoes. Large fault lines like this are also prone to earthquakes due to the immense pressure the lines are under.

Along the North American coastline, the Pacific Plate is slipping underneath the North American Plate, which creates magma due to the high heat and force formed with this movement. In California, its reputation for earthquakes comes from the transform boundary between the two plates, meaning the edges are sliding against one another.

The Ring of Fire is home to the majority of the active volcanoes of the world. One of the most active is Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, which has yearly minor eruptions and larger, catastrophic eruptions every 50 or so years, according to National Geographic.

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An active volcanic region in the Pacific Ocean that forms a line that stretches from the tip of South America down to the coast of Asia.
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The Pacific Ring of Fire is an arc of intense seismic (earthquake) and volcanic activity stretching from New Zealand, along the eastern edge of Asia, north across the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and south along the coast of North and South America.
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