What Is the Role of a Computer Technician?


The roles of a computer technician includes: on - site support for clients, web hosting administration and internal support for PC maintenance. The technician can also be tasked with software domain name registration plus the installation and updating of the various software packages.
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A computer technician is a person who has the ability and knowledge to work on computers. They can troubleshoot, repair, program, and various other tasks.
Laboratory technicians use microscopes, automated analyzers, computerized instruments, cell counters and other sophisticated equipment to perform duties. Specialties in the laboratory
A technician is a person whose profession requires necessary qualifications and training in particular processes and technical skills.
I got (online) an STP electric screwdriver and has enough torque for all the computer jobs I have made until now. It´s Forward - reverse button and light weight are great.
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What Is the Role of a Computer Technician?
Computer systems are cardinal to modern-day corporate operating processes, providing organizations the technological foundation on which they build their businesses. Computer technicians provide various services to companies, including basic... More »
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Some of the roles of a computer technician are onsite support for clients, Software Domain name registrations, Web hosting administration, Email administration and internal support PC maintenance.
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