What Is the Role of a Customer Service Assistant?


A customer service assistant work is to answering queries asked by the customer either face to face, over the phone or via fax and emails. It's the responsibility of a customer service assistant to keep up to date with all procedures, products and services of the organisation.
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The role of a customer service assistant is to be a link between the management at the upper level and the employees in a business or in an organisation. He or she works together with the upper management and some of the roles of a customer service assistant are counting money and also being an important link in the business, be it in a retail or office setting.
Customer services assistants work directly with customers. They can work face to face with customers, communicate with them via telephone, email, text messages, fax, post or through the internet. Roles include: answering customers enquiries, dealing with complaints, giving information, taking information from customers and entering it on a database, and arranging services for customers.
Customer service assistant role is to answer the needs and concerns of every customer that calls on phone or comes through the door of business. The customer service assistant is responsible for making the customers experience the best it can be. Depending on the kind of organisation they work for, it's their responsibility to keep up to date with all products, services and procedures.
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