What is the role of a dietician?


The kind of facility the dietician works in determines his/her roles. They majorly give advice on nutrition. His/her role in a school system is to supervise the entire nutrition system of the educational institute or school district. A dietician works in a wide variety of medical and non-medical facilities. They are most of the time employed in doctor's offices, nursing homes, hospitals and outpatient facilities. Some dietician also work in schools and private wellness centres that offer educational, nutritional and fitness services.
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A clinical dietician promotes nutrition in hospitals and nursing homes. Her main role is to assess the patients nutritional needs and develop a food plan for the patient. She also
A specialist in the study of nutrition; Source: webnetweb. A dietitian (also 'dietician' though 'dietitian' is used consistently by professionals) is an expert in food and nutrition
( ′dī·ə′tish·ən ) (medicine) A person trained in dietetics, or the scientific management of meals for individuals or groups.
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What Is the Role of the Dietician?
A dietician plans nutrition programs and food programs for people. Dieticians can help prevent diseases and obesity problems because they teach people about the role of food in their diet. They usually run food programs in institutions, such as hospitals... More »
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