What Is the Role of an Office Administrator?


The role of an office administrator is to organise and supervise all of the administrative responsibilities that facilitate the smooth running of an office. Depending on the employing organization, they are expected to carry out a range of administrative and IT-related tasks. An office administrator is also responsible for organising the office layout and equipment.
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Administration requires the use of a computer in most cases. Basic required computer skills may include knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and email. More advanced
It is a bit like being a home room monitor. Basically you get stuck with everything that no else wants to do.
As partners with front end teams, the Admin department is committed in providing the administrative infrastructure to support the pursuit of excellence & innovation in sales and
Dear Kaniyoor, This is a little too broad of a question. I would be happy to try and answer a more specific question about a specific concern or problem. Please give me as much detail
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The importance of the office manager could be summed up in one word, being: efficiency, in which the duties vary from office to office.
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