What Is the Role of the Dental Nurse?


The role of a dental nurse is to support the dentist in all aspects of patient care. Some of the duties carried out include: getting the appropriate instruments ready, mixing materials, ensuring patient comfort, taking notes from dentists dictation, tidying up the surgery and sterilising all the instruments. Dental nurses can work in general practice, hospitals, community dental services and in the armed forces.
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1. Take general classes. Still in high school, but interested in a job as a dental assistant? Take classes in biology, chemistry, health and office practices. Because many offices
a dental assistants role in the office varies from office to office but typically, an assistant will assist the dentist, hygienist and front desk as needed as well as sterilization,
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The primary functions of a dental nurse includes directing the patient on how to take care of their teeth, give dentists assistance when working on a patient, sterilising the instruments used by dentists, and helping dentists to make moulds that resemble a client's teeth structure. In addition, these individuals normally do all the bookkeeping and do all the paperwork that includes undertaking the insurance billing, scheduling appointments, and giving desired feedbacks to patients.
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