Role of Finance Department?


The role of the Finance Department is to ensure that necessary funds are available to the departments to help the organisation achieve its objective. The department is also charged with establishing and controlling profitability level in the organisation. It is usually headed by a finance manager.
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The finance department would be required to make sure not just quantitative but also qualitative factors asell. They would produce internal financial statements. Ensure controls are
Well, cost containment is a major driver of sustainable business. If a company's executive team is wary of the idealism and "trendiness" of sustainability as a business
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The finance department is responsible for ensuring that costs are controlled, there is adequate cash flow, establish and control profitability levels. They also prepare financial documents and final accounts for reports.
The finance department has a role of ensuring that there are adequate funds available to acquire the resources needed to help the organisation achieve its objectives. It is also charged with preparing and creating financial accounts and also keeping, as well as maintaining financial records.
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