What is the role of the special needs assistant?


The role of a special needs assistant is helping children with learning, physical or behavioral difficulties. Their work usually involves assisting children with schoolwork under the supervision of a teacher and preparing learning materials.

Special needs assistants, also called special needs classroom assistants and learning support assistants, work in a special school for children with complex educational needs, with individual pupils or with a small group of pupils in a mainstream class. Their work depends on the children's age and individual needs. Generally, they help children understand instructions, encourage them to be confident and independent, and provide useful information to teachers. Moreover, they take care of children's physical needs, comfort them when they are upset, help them during therapy sessions and support them during social activities.

The work of special needs assistants is of a none teaching nature. They prepare and clean the classrooms where pupils with special needs are being taught. They also provide necessary special assistance to pupils with specific difficulties, such as assisting physically disabled pupils with writing or typing. Special needs assistants are also sometimes appointed to cater for a specific pupil and carry out personalized duties to support the particular needs of the concerned pupil.

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