Scientific Name for Lizard?


The scientific name of a lizard is Lacertilia. Lizards are a widespread group of reptiles with nearly 3800 species ranging across all continents except Antarctica as well as most oceanic island chains.
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The general name for a lizard is widely accepted to be Lacertilia. Since there are very many types of lizards under the general category of lizards, listing them all and their scientific names is not sensible. The following site has a list of almost all lizard varieties and their equivalent names (along with other reptiles as well): <>.
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Common house lizard is Gecko .
It depends on what sort of lizard you're looking at. A Long-Spined Horned
There are atleast 3800 species of lizards, if not more undiscovered species.We obviously cannot list all the scientific names here.However, lizards do form the suborder Lacertilia.They
"Lacerta agilis"
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The average lifespan of a Lizard is around 15-20 years. There are more than 5600 species of lizard. The scientific name for a lizard is Lacertilia, gecko being ...
Hydrosaurus pustulatus is the scientific name of the Philippine Sailfin Lizard. It is an oviparous lizard living only in Philippines. The lizard only feeds on ...
The scientific name of the Texas Spiny Lizard is Sceloporus Olivaceus. It is a species of lizard that lives in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. ...
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