What Is the Scientific Name for Water?


H2O is the chemical molecule that makes up water. This is the scientific name for water. This name is used in many company and product names, but can also be used as an abbreviation.
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The name of a plant of animal is usually (although sometimes more than) two words. The first will show the genus of the species, the second will distinguish the exact species within
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The planaria scientific name is called Planariidae. It is not a species so the binomial name could not be determined. Planaria are non-parasitic flatworms.
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There are many scientific sounding names for water. Hydrogen hydroxide, oxidane and hydroxylic acid are just a few. There is a scientific name given to water, as a hoax by some college students. The named it dihydrogen monoxide, to make it sound like a terrible additive to certain things. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Properties_of_water
The scientific name for water is technically Dihydrogen Oxide. However, water is one of the substances in the scientific community that doesn't have a scientific name. It is simply referred to as water or H2O.
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