What Is the Scrap Value of 9ct Gold?


The purity of gold is measured in carats, it has a rating of 24 carats, and is the rating used in things like gold bullion bars. 9 Carat Scrap Gold is worth ?9.97 / gram.
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At current prices in England, 1 gram of 9 carat gold is worth £4.57.
It really depends on how much gold you have. I would try one of the 'sell your gold' websites.
there are 31 gr in a gold oz. you have 1.4 oz. but the gold peice you have, if it is jewellry would probably be a good item to sell on E-bay , to get the best return. The trouble
1. First, separate your gold pieces according to their level of karat fineness. Do this by looking for the jeweler's stamp that tells you the karat fineness of the piece. Most pieces
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The value of 9ct gold depends upon the weight of the gold and the current market price. Having both, multiply the gold's weight by its carats then divide the answer by 24. Finally, multiply the answer by the current market price of gold to get the current market price of the scrap gold.
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