What Is the Shear Strength of Steel?


The shear strength of steel depends on the type of steel it is. The strongest type of steel is Grade 65 which can withstand 70,000 tons. The weakest type of steel is Grade 42 withstand 50,000 tons.
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need some help with is ? thank you.
well, I don't know about the testing, but for design, you use 0.4Fy as your shear strength. If you have 36 ksi steel, then you need 14.5 ksi to create a shear failure. Don't know
( ′shir ′streŋkth ) (mechanics) The maximum shear stress which a material can withstand without rupture. The ability of a material to withstand shear stress.
I believe the answer is graphene. http://www.technologyrevi. ew.com/.
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