What is the shortest word in the English language?


"A" and "I" are the shortest words in the English language, each comprising of only one letter. The shortest legal scrabble words containing no vowels are "hm," "mm" and "sh."

The fact that "a" and "I" are the only two one-letter words in the English language makes them useful when solving ciphers. The letter "a" typically appears in texts more frequently than the letter "i." If coded variants of the words "a" and "I" both appear in a piece of ciphertext, the trick is to count the frequency of the letters "a" and "i" within the rest of the text to determine which coded word is "a" and which one is "I."

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a (article) I (myself) z (sound used to denote someone sleeping) o (variation on oh) x (placement of something) m (enjoyment; usually more than one of these; always spoken)
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