What Is the Significance of Spiderweb Tattoos on Elbows?


Originally, the spider web tattoo on elbows was used to mean 'caught up in the system'. The Aryan Brotherhood used it as a mark that you had hit another race, although it is also used to symbolise murder or prison time and the number of rings symbolises the number of people one has murdered or the years they spent in jail.
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it used to mean that you had killed someone in prison.3 rings for the first.one addition of every killing after. these days however.it's just a cool design. Source(s) I am a professional
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The tattoo of a spiderweb on an elbow or a neck most usually indicates that a person has done time in jail/prison. The spiderweb as a symbol of "doing time" comes from the
Spider web tattoos can have a number of different meanings, from racism, serving prison time for murder, to a more positive meaning as a dream-catcher tattoo. report this answer.
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The spider web is a very common coded tattoo, whose meaning is wildly varying. Most commonly, the spider web means prison time or murder, but its variations are somewhat more complex. The older meaning of the spider web tattoo is that a person has murdered another in prison. This ends up being a self-protective tattoo, warning others to stay away. This tattoo can also mean that the wearer has killed an enemy, which would also be a warning to potential future enemies. Some people indicate that the number of rings represents the number of people killed.
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