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The total area of The United Kingdom is 94,525 sq miles (244,820 sq km), which is slightly smaller than Oregon.
Land Area: 93,278 sq miles (241,590 sq km)
Water Area: 1,247 sq miles (3,230 sq km)
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England is 130,395 km2 (50,346 sq. miles) in size.
England has a total area of 50,346 square miles and a population of 51 million people.….… ..… .. Size Chart 4T. Height (Inches) 39-41.5". Weight (Pounds)35.5-38 lbs
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England is part of the United Kingdom which covers an area of about 130,422 square kilometres. It has its capital in London and it is inhabited by around 58 million people. Among the major cities in England are London, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham.
The size of England is approximately 130,395 km2. The country is the largest constituent part of the United Kingdom with 83% of UK population being in England.
The country of England has a total land area of 50,337 square miles. England is the largest of the islands in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. You can find more information here:
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