How big is England?

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The total area of The United Kingdom is 94,525 sq miles (244,820 sq km), which is slightly smaller than Oregon.
Land Area: 93,278 sq miles (241,590 sq km)
Water Area: 1,247 sq miles (3,230 sq km)
Size of:
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England has a total area of approximately 50,346 square miles. England has an estimated population of 52 million people. The capital and largest city of England is London.
130,410 sq km (50,352 sq mi)
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England is the largest country on the island of Great Britain, occupying 65 percent of its total landmass. It is substantially larger than the neighboring countries of Scotland and Wales, which, taken together with the six counties of Northern Ireland, comprise the United Kingdom. Despite having a substantially greater total land area than Scotland, England actually has a significantly shorter coastline, at just 2,748 miles.

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