What is the size of Pluto?


The size of Pluto is estimated to be about 2,390 kilometres and this is approximately 66% the size of the moon. The planet Pluto is considered to have a mass of less than 0.24% that of Earth.
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Pluto is a dwarf planet. This generally means that it has not been able to clear it's orbit of large bodies. . Ceres is another dwark planet, as is Eris, Haumea and Quaoar and many
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Actually, people think from the light reflected of that its blue, though in real life, it is actually orangish in color according to astronomers.
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The size of Pluto, diameter wise, is 2, 390 km and its mass is estimated to be less than 0.24% that of Earth. Despite its distance from earth, scientists have been able to form statistics on it; its surface area is 1.665 × 107 sq km, volume 6.39 × 109 km3 and the equatorial surface gravity to be 0.658 m/s sq.
Pluto is approximately 2,080 kilometers in diameter. Pluto is very small compared to the Earth and is just one sixth the size of the Earth.
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