What Is the Smallest Particle of Matter?


The smallest particle of matter is an atom. An atom is defined as a basic unit of matter that is made up of a dense central nucleus. It is usually surrounded by a cloud of electrons that are negatively charged.
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The smallest particles of matter are the atom particles, namely protons, neutrons, and electrons. The electron is the smallest of the three.
An atom is the smallest particle of matter. ChaCha!
Quarks qre the smallest particles of matter up to date.. They help in blending neutrons and protons inside the nucleus.
The smallest piece of a chemical compound is a molecule. The smallest part of an element is an atom. The smallest part of an atom (meaning of the proton, neutron and electron, which
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Matter is commonly known as anything that takes up space. The smallest visible particle of matter is an Atom. An Atom is made of a nucleus in the center which acts as a core. It is surrounded by negative electrons.
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