What is the speed of a bullet?


The average velocity of the most common ammunition in the world, a .22 long rifle ammunition, is approximately 720 mph, 1,200 km/h or 320 m/s. However, the actual speed of a bullet depends on a number of factors, including its physical dimensions and the gun from which it is fired.

The speed of a bullet is traditionally measured by the rate of travel the moment is leaves the barrel of a given firearm. Longer barrels and slow-burning propellants lead to higher muzzle velocities. Once free of the gun, a bullet fired in the open instantly begins to lose velocity due to air resistance. Although slower out of the barrel, heavier ammunition better resists the air to retain its velocity over distance.

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Based on a quick check of Federal's ballistics page, it can range from about 2600 feet per second to about 2800 feet per second. Other brands of ammo can vary, depending on the cartridge
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Some of the fastest bullets can go 4000 feet per second.
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Some bullets go up to 4000 feet per second. Speeds vary widely.
Bullet speeds depend upon many factors, including gun caliber, bullet size and environmental conditions, such as wind and rain.
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