What Is the Speed of a Rocket?


A rocket's speed varies according to the flight plan in which is it situated. Generally, this speed varies between 7 599.68 m / s and 16 316.96 m / s. A rocket increases its speed from the time is it between the Earth and low Earth orbit up until the moment it reaches the solar escape.
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Its average speed in any time interval is. (distance covered) /. (time to cover the distance)
Approx. 300mph, give or take a few mph depending on the consistency of the mucus.
When fuel burns, it combines with oxygen to form lighter gasses and heat. This is called combustion. The gasses expand rapidly since they are much less dense than the fuel itself.
Recall that. Impulse = Force * time = change in momentum. So, 40 = 1000(v - u) But, we are told that the rocket's initial speed is zero, so. 40 = 1000v. v = 40/1000 = 0.04 m/s.
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