What Is the Sphere of Influence?


A sphere of influence is a territorial region over which the political or the economic influence is exercised by one nation. The term may also refer to a list of people including each person you know and each person who knows you.
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a sphere of influence is the distance that people are willing to travel to get to a town, city, etc to use it's services or shops. The area of the SOI (sphere of influence) depends
n. , pl. , spheres of influence . A territorial area over which political or economic influence is wielded by one nation.
A sphere of influence is an area or region over which an organization or state exerts
The volume of a sphere refers to the total mass of the sphere. In simple calculations this would be: V=4/3 tt?3. Which really involves all parts of the sphere. Look here for more
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sphere of influence
any area in which one nation wields dominant power over another or others.
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Sphere of influence refers to an area (literal or figurative) influenced by a country, person, entity etc. In relation to national boundaries, it is the territorial area over which political or economic influence is wielded by one nation. It could also refer to a plan for the probable physical boundaries and service areas of a city or district.
Sphere of influence is a term denoting an area in which a foreign power maintains rights superior to those of a host nation. This concept became recognized during the “scramble for Africa” in the 1880s when the great powers carved up the continent for commercial exploitation.
The sphere of influence is a territorial area over which political or economic influence is wielded by one nation. It is also an area surrounding a settlement which is influenced by it in economic, political and social terms.
The sphere of influence refers to an area over which one can claim to hegemony with the intention of gaining more power over the place. The expression came in to much use during the European colonisation of Africa where they used to call the colonised countries their spheres of influence.
In general terms, the sphere of influence is typically defined as an area over a region in which a government (or state) organization has a huge amount of economic and social influence over its people.
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