What Is the Stock Symbol for Gold Ounce?


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Randgold Resources Ltd (GOLD) Nasdaq
86.32 -0.95 (-1.0886)
Open: 86.91 High: 87.35
Low: 86.11 Volume: 349382
Source: Financial Content
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The yahoo finance symbol is XAUUSD=X. I am still trying to find a symbol for MSN Money.
GLD and IAU are two ETFs that
You can also kind of track gold using the symbol "GLD". That's how i've been playing it. Source(s): http://www.traderbots.com/stocks/Stock.a…
A bar of gold weighs 27.4 lbs, worth $25,747.78. Gold is worth $939.70 per ounce, $15035.20 per pound. Ask anything!
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There are many symbols to understand when playing in the stock market. The symbol for the gold ounce in the stock market is XAUUSD=X.
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