What Is the Street Price of Percocet?


The street price for the medication Percocet will vary. The average price as Percocet in January 2011, according to CNN, was $10 to $15 per pill. This price has probably gone up since then. One should realize that it is illegal to purchase Percocet from anyone other than a pharmacist and you cannot get this medication from a pharmacist, without a prescription.
Q&A Related to "What Is the Street Price of Percocet?"
Depending on the dosage of both drugs, and depending on the area
This varies depending on location and quality/species of the shrooms. However for one-eighth of an ounce of shrooms the cost typically ranges from 20-40 USD.
About 5or6 bucks a pop!!it also depends on how desperate the buyer is too!!
The Lortabs go for 5.00 and the Percs go for 3.00. Source(s) Street price in western Pa.
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