What Is the Strongest Currency?


British pound is the strongest currency in the world. Kuwaiti Dinar however, is the highest valued currency in the world.
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Answer I would say the strongest currency in the world is the Euro. It is the currency that is operating in the most countries. No other currency is operating in as many countries
The strongest currency for 2012 is the European Euro. The Euro is the
Reminbi is the name of the Chinese currency. This name is used since the new Stone Age. You need to change 6.8 Reminbi in order to get 1 USD.
The currency in London and all of England is the British Pound. England is not part of the EEC and therefore does not use the Euro as the rest of Europe does.
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The strongest currency in the world is the British pound. However, the highest valued currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Britain is a super power and a first world country. Other powerful world currencies include; the Euro and the Dollar.
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