What Is the Strongest Laxative?


There are many types of laxatives and they all work differently. Some of the strongest (and fastest) are stimulant laxatives like Ex-lax, Dulcolax, and Senokot.
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Laxatives are the many food items that I will have to pretend to eat at my sister in law's house for Thanksgiving. They can also be compounds or drugs that are used to induce bowel
Leave some lunch meat out for 3 or 4 days and then eat it up. You'll find that to be a much stronger laxative than anything you can buy at the pharmacy. If that doesn't work, eat
Osmotic and Stimulant laxatives are the strongest medications you can buy over
A laxative is a substance that causes increased excretion of fecal matter. They are used for constipation and are sometimes abused by women. There are many different types, and some
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