What Is the Strongest Narcotic Cough Syrup?


Hydrocodone cough syrup is believed to be the strongest acting medicine for a bad cough. Tussionex is what is commonly prescribed by a physician to help relieve symptoms for a cold.
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what is the strongest cough syrup you can get prescribed to you by a doctor?
Guaifenesin / Codeine Phosphate is one of the strongest cough syrups
Narcotic pain relievers are derived from opiates and work when the body processes opiate-based compounds into chemicals called endorphins. In the brain, endorphins elicit a feeling
n. A sweetened medicated liquid taken orally to ease coughing.
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Tussionex is said to be the strongest narcotic cough syrup. The medication contains hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine. Tussionex is available by prescription only and is a schedule 3 narcotic with a potential for abuse.
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Cheratussin AC Syrup Qua is a prescription cough syrup. It is classified as a narcotic. It contains codeine and guaifenesin. It relieves congestion and coughing. ...
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