What Is the Strongest Pokemon Card?


The strongest Pokemon in Pokemon history is Metagross. Metagross is best known for his signature move the Meteor Mash. Metagross' Pokemon index number is 376, and he evolves from a Metang.
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Lugia EX is a legendary flying Pokemon usually found in the Unseen Forces (105/115) booster packs, though it can be purchased separately either online or at hobby shops throughout
the strongest pokemon card is shadow lugia adress to image: http://site.discountanimetoys.com/base/lugia.jpg I think it also is charizard ex, He has 160hp and does 250 damage all
Lugia EX is easily the strongest Pokemon because of its attack and
Quite technically, the Shadow Lugia jumbo card that was given away for a promo; it has 300 HP and an attack which does 1000 damage for only 4 psychic energy. However, it's not possible
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What is the Strongest Pokemon Card?
Pokemon is all about finding the strongest cards and executing the best strategy to win against all challengers. To do that, a Pokemon player should have the strongest possible cards and few are stronger than Lugia EX. Examining Lugia's story, strengths... More »
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The strongest Pokémon card is the Lugia EX. Old and novice players should use this card if they intend to become the best Pokémon players in the league. Lugia EX is a well-known flying Pokémon usually found in the Unseen Forces booster packs.
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The strongest Yu Gi Oh card is the winged dragon of Ra. However, you aren't allowed to use the god cards in a tournament. The Exodia is unbeatable, but ...
The Pokemon card with the highest hit points is Wailord EX. It was the first card in the TCG to have 200 HP. There are now three cards that have 200 hit points ...
Many people wonder which Pokémon card is the most powerful. Most people would agree that the Charizard is the most powerful Pokémon card in the deck ...
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