What is the strongest Pok�mon card?


The strongest Pokemon in Pokemon history is Metagross. Metagross is best known for his signature move the Meteor Mash. Metagross' Pokemon index number is 376, and he evolves from a Metang.
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the strongest pokemon card is shadow lugia adress to image: http://site.discountanimetoys.com/base/lugia.jpg I think it also is charizard ex, He has 160hp and does 250 damage all
overall, jirachi's doom desire with a base power of 120. then comes meteor mash and iron tail, both 100 power. however, metal burst and gyro ball could both be the most powerful under
arceus lv.100 dialga lv.100 palkia lv.100 lugia lv.100 ho-oh lv.100 and RAICHU LV.100! the best in the team!!!!(my opinion its my favorite pokemon)really the last one is mew lv.100(
Steel and dragon becaus steel has 2 weaknesses and dragon has 2 aswell dragon type is the strongest type actually dark/ghost has no weakness and electric has 1 weakness (ground) so
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What is the Strongest Pokemon Card?
Pokemon is all about finding the strongest cards and executing the best strategy to win against all challengers. To do that, a Pokemon player should have the strongest possible cards and few are stronger than Lugia EX. Examining Lugia's story, strengths... More »
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The strongest Pokémon card is the Lugia EX. Old and novice players should use this card if they intend to become the best Pokémon players in the league. Lugia EX is a well-known flying Pokémon usually found in the Unseen Forces booster packs.
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