What is the strongest wood?


Mahogany, indigenous to Africa, Central America and South America, is thought to be not only the strongest wood but also the hardest and best quality. This type of wood has poorly defined annual rings and a uniform pore structure, and it is great for wood carving and finishes well.

Mahogany is used in Victorian furniture reproductions as well as the crafting of Empire, Georgian and Federal reproduction furniture. Walnut is another strong and durable wood without being too heavy and is especially popular for fine cabinet making. Teak, indigenous to Southeast Asia, is another hard and strong wood that is also heavy. Teak carves well but is often used as a veneer due to its high value.

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The strongest wood for a project is teak wood, from the teak tree or Tectona. It's a tropical wood, and can bend in extremely high winds, but it doesn't break.You can find more information
The Janka hardness test is a method of determining the ability of different woods to withstand denting, wear and scratching. Usually used to determine the suitability of a wood for
The strongest wood on earth is Teak.
Teak is known as the toughest and strongest wood known today. ChaCha for now!
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What Is the Strongest Wood to Build With?
To an untrained eye, all woods may seem strong and ideal for use in building; however, some are more able to withstand more pressure than others. All are rated on the Janka Hardness Scale. This scale, which indicates a wood’s strength, measures how... More »
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