What Is the Sum of the First 100 Odd Numbers?


The sum of the first 100 odd numbers is 10,000. This numbers are from 1, 3, 5…, 199. The first one is 1 and the last one is 199, if added the sum is 200. The second one is 3 and second last 197 which also add up to 200. This will happen 50 times since there are 100 numbers, with each adding to 200. So the answer is 50*200 which is equal to 10,000.
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The sum of the first 100 even numbers, added together sequentially is 10,100. The numbers added together here are 2 through 200 adding every even number therein ...
The sum of two even numbers is indeed always even. However, the sum of two odd numbers is always even as well. The sum of even and odd numbers equal odd numbers. ...
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