What Is the Sunspot Cycle?


The Sunspot cycle is the cycle of activity our Sun goes through. During this cycle, sunspots increase in activity until they peak approximately every 11 years. After the maximum peak, the sunspots will decrease in size and frequency and the cycle starts over again.
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Sunspots are spots on the sun that appear dark because they are cooler than the rest of the surface. Their number varies over an eleven year cycle. The spots arise due to anomalies
In a sunspot cycle the magnetic poles of the sun flip, thus while this flipping occurs on average every 11 years, it will in fact take 22 years for the Sun's poles to be back to the
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sunspot cycle
the cycle, averaging in duration slightly more than 11 years, in which the frequency of sunspots varies from a maximum to a minimum and back to a maximum again.
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Sunspots are a temporary solar phenomena that cause visibly dark spots in the sun's photosphere. They are essentially caused by the winding of magnetic field lines ...
Sunspots are caused by the intense magnetic field of the sun, they usually occur the most during the high peak of the solar cycle. Solar flares are caused by the ...
The solar cycle is an 11-year cycle of solar activities during which there is a rise and fall in the numbers and surface area of sunspots. The solar cycle is also ...
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