What is the symbol for carbon?


The symbol for carbon is C. Carbon is a versatile element that can form compounds with many other elements. It is also an essential component of organic compounds.

In its elemental form, carbon takes different forms. Carbon can exist in crystalline forms such as graphite and diamond, which have very different characteristics. Diamonds are the hardest substances on Earth, whereas graphite is soft.

Hydrogen and carbon combine with each other and other elements to form a class of compounds called organic compounds, which are important to living things. Carbon has four valence electrons, each of which can be shared with another element. The element commonly sharing an electron with carbon is hydrogen. A single carbon atom can bond with four hydrogen atoms. In this way, carbon can form long chains. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids are organic compounds made with long, carbon backbones.

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The symbol is " C "
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Carbon has the atomic symbol C
The atomic symbol of an element is usually represented by the first letters of a given element's name in Greek or Latin.
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Carbon is symbolized by the capital letter C. The prefix mono refers to one and oxide refers to oxygen, which is symbolized by a capital letter O. So the chemical ...
The atomic number of carbon is 6, and represented by the element symbol C. It is one of the few elements known since antiquity. The name carbon comes from the ...
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