What Is the Symbol for Each Year of Marriage?


There are several modern symbols of wedding anniversaries which span from one year to 75 years. The first year is symbolised by a clock, second year by anything Chinese, third year by crystals and glass, linen or silk for the fourth year and silverware for the fifth year. For a complete list of the other years, one can visit the wedding anniversary site website.
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Historically, families arranged marriages. It was not unusual for a groom to marry a woman based on her dowry. Often the families would not let the bride and groom meet until the
When choosing gifts for each year of marriage, it's traditional to follow a centuries-old guideline that outlines the type or material of the gift. Originating in the Middle Ages
The symbol of marriage is a ring as it stands for everlasting love xx.
Obviously not by using the same image-process. Marxism, yellow star on red ground is using Marxist symbolism as in flags of China and the old USSR - red has been the colour of communism
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Each year’s anniversary in a marriage has its own meaning with this tradition dating back to mediaeval times. Some famous anniversaries are; the first year which is the paper anniversary, the 50th anniversary- gold anniversary, 25th year-silver anniversary and others that you can find at: http://gleez.com/articles/did-you-know/meaning-of-your-anniversary.
1st anniversary: Paper,2nd anniversary: Cotton, 3rd: anniversary: Leather, 4th anniversary: Linen, 5th anniversary: Wood, 6th anniversary: Iron, 7th anniversary: Wool, 8th anniversary: Bronze,9th anniversary: Pottery, 10th anniversary: Tin, 11th anniversary: Steel, 12th anniversary: Silk, 13th anniversary: Lace, 14th anniversary: Ivory, 15th anniversary: Crystal, 16th anniversary: Topaz,17th anniversary: Amethyst and the other major anniversaries include; 25th anniversary: Silver, 30th anniversary: Pearl, 40th anniversary: Ruby, 45th anniversary: Sapphire, 50th anniversary: Gold, 55th anniversary: Emerald, 60th anniversary: Diamond, 70th anniversary: Platinum, 75th anniversary: Diamond
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Tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary and the 10 year wedding anniversary is called tin because is a symbol of how a successful marriage ...
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