Greater Than Symbol?


The greater than symbol is represented by the symbol '>' while less sign is represented by '<'. The two symbols look like a 'V' on its side and to remember the two signs you can use this method (BIG> small, small< BIG).
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It is &gt;.
The sign for greater than is > and less than is < I used to think of it as a
Greater or equal to: ≥. Greater than: > Smaller than: < Smaller or equal to: ≤. Equal to: = Identical: ≡. You see that at the begining of the sign, its wider so
1. Compare fractions with the same denominator by determining the relationship between the numerators. For example, 3/5 is less than 4/5 because 3 is less than 4. 2. Compare fractions
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The symbol for greater that is >. It is mainly used in mathematics which is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change, an essential tool in many fields such as natural science, engineering, as well as medicine.
The symbol for greater than is >. It is used to indicate that one value is bigger than another. The symbol for less than is < which is the exact opposite of greater than. Other common symbols are ‰¤ for less than or equal to, and ‰¥ for greater than or equal to.
The symbol for greater than is >.
The greater than symbol is written as > and is used when one value is bigger than another for instance 7 > 4. The greater than sign can also be used to denote quotations in email and newsgroup formats.
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