What Is the Symbol of an Ankle Bracelet?


The ankle bracelet is merely jewellery and it has no significance Other than it draws attention to a pretty ankle. The hot wife crowd wears the bracelet on the right ankle. The bracelet on the left usually signifies married and exclusive or nothing Other than Jewellery.
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The average length of an ankle bracelet is about 9 inches, some are
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There is not a known symbol of an ankle bracelet. An ankle bracelet, also known as an anklet or ankle chain, is an ornament that is worn around the ankle. The ornaments are mostly won by females to: enhance their beauty, wealth display, to show a membership or a status or for protection from evil forces.
An ankle bracelet doesn't symbolize anything except the person wearing it is trying to be fashionable or likes jewelry. You will see many ankle bracelets in the summer months. They are often worn with shorts, capri pants, and sandals.
The symbol of an ankle bracelet on a woman has been said to mean if she is available or married. If worn on the left ankle, it is said to mean available. On the right, it would mean taken or not available.
There actually is no symbol when people wear ankle bracelets. All it means is that the person likes to wear jewelery. Some people even make up symbols as an excuse to wear them.
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