What Is the Symbolism of Thumb Rings?


Some people think wearing a thumb ring means that you are gay but most people just do it as a fashion statement. In ancient times, women wore thumb rings if their husbands or lovers were in battle fields or were dead. Nowadays women wear thumb rings more as fashion than for its meaning.
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Thumb rings have been worn by both men and women throughout history. This piece of jewellery is more than a simple fashion statement; it has many meanings including signifying rank, power, protection in archery, independence, individuality, profession, status to a classification of one's sexual orientation.
In earlier times, thumb rings were used only by upper class men. For the women, thumb rings meant that their husbands were deceased, though in some places, they meant that a woman was free for sexual experimentation. In archery, large thumb rings were worn by men to shield their skin against injury while in medieval times, they were worn by doctors.
Thumb ring's symbolism is different according to the cultures, gender and the era. The thumb ring in men symbolised the financial status of the wearer in earlier times, while women wore thumb rings to symbolise their husbands were dead or if they were on a battlefield. Today thumb rings symbolise several things such as strength and individuality, independence and power, depending on the people's cultures.
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