What Is the Takeoff Speed of a 747?


The takeoff speed of a Boeing 747 is 290 kilometres per hour, normally with a takeoff weight of about 362,870 kg. The Boeing 747 also known as Jumbo Jet is a wide body commercial airliner and cargo transport that was introduced in 1970.
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180 mph. 290 km/h.
The takeoff speed of a Boeing 747 is 180 mph.
The Boeing 747-300's Vr (Rotation) = 129 knots. Boeing 747-400's V1 (Decision) =165 knots and Vr=175 knots. The Boeing has stop the production of B747-300 in September 1990 and it
The length of runway=80m/s * 35s=2800 m Source(s): http://www.pekiyi.150m.com
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The take –off speed of such aircraft varies quite a bit, depending on the take-off weight. A Boeing 747’s maximum take-off weight is 362,870 kg with a take-off speed of 290km/h or 155kts. A Concorde has the highest take-off speed of 360 km/h or 195kts with a take-off weight of 181,435 kg.
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