What Is the Takeoff Speed of a 747?


The takeoff speed of a Boeing 747 is 290 kilometres per hour, normally with a takeoff weight of about 362,870 kg. The Boeing 747 also known as Jumbo Jet is a wide body commercial airliner and cargo transport that was introduced in 1970.
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The takeoff speed of a Boeing 747 is 180 mph.
The Boeing 747's takeoff speed if 156knts or 180mph.
The average speed depends on the weight of the aircraft and size. What your friends are probably talking about is knots. "knots" is the airspeed of boats and aircraft. Knots
R = (v^2 * sin2A)/g. R = maximum range. = 9 m. v = initial velocity (not horizontal) = ? A = angle of velocity from horizontal. = 22 degrees. g = gravity. = 9.8 m/s^2. therefore,
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The take –off speed of such aircraft varies quite a bit, depending on the take-off weight. A Boeing 747’s maximum take-off weight is 362,870 kg with a take-off speed of 290km/h or 155kts. A Concorde has the highest take-off speed of 360 km/h or 195kts with a take-off weight of 181,435 kg.
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