What Is the Tallest Breed of Dog?


The tallest breed of dog is called the Irish Wolfhound. It was breed for hunting wolves, and is the reason there are no wolves in Ireland today.
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In 2004, Gibson, a Great Dane living in California, was declared the world's tallest dog ever by the Guinness World Records. He stood an impressive 42.2 inches. When Gibson passed
The tallest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound. The Great Dane is NOT the tallest breed, but comes a close second. There are lots of 'giant' breeds of dog including the Newfoundland
The Irish Wolfhound is considered the tallest dog breed with an average height of
the tallest grouo of dogs are giant schnauzer groenendael shepherd malinois shepherd bearded collie briard old english sheepdog neapolitan mastiff fila brasileiro tosa inu anatoian
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English Mastiffs are the heaviest dogs, while Irish Wolfhounds tend to be the tallest.
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