What is the tallest living thing?


The tallest living thing on earth is the giant red wood tree. The tree is the sole living species of the genus Sequoia reaching up to 115.5 metres in height excluding the roots and up to 7.9 metres diameter at breast height.
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A tree.
Water. Plant tissues comprise 80 to 95 percent water. Much of the water for plants comes from absorption of water within the soil. The moisture level of a soil directly affects the
Mount Everest is the tallest thing in the universe at 8,850 miles high.
Single celled creatures such as bacteria reproduce by cell division, effectively cloning, so you could say that bacteria are the longest lived of all. That aside individual bacteria
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The tallest living thing would the Hyperion, a redwood tree, in Redwood National Park. It stands 378.1 feet and took the title from a tree called Stratosphere Giant.
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